Community Prevention Seminar: Grand Traverse County 12/02/14

GT Seminar Group 12-02-13

December 3. 2014- As our home base and the community in which we currently have the greatest presence, I was looking forward to our Grand Traverse Community Prevention Seminar yesterday evening.  The staff at Traverse City Michigan WORKS! was kind enough not only to host us but also to volunteer to stay after hours so that we could put on this evening seminar.  We can not thank them enough for their hospitality.

I decided to open the seminar a little differently than I usually do and gave attendees the opportunity to share their motivation for attending if they wished to.  Everyone one in the room chose to share and to express how grateful they were to have something like this in the community.  There were educators, students, parents, and coaches present and while each had a unique reason for being there, they all shared the same ultimate goal: Keep kids safe and healthy.

This particular group had several questions regarding how our community is working to share this information with educators and medical professionals, and how we can do better with educating our children to understand their own bodies and boundaries.  While we at the TBCAC have started having these conversations with many educators and medical professionals, it is important to know that the community wants this as well.

As the seminar came to a close, conversations throughout the room continued and I watched many connections being made.  Thanks to the Grand Traverse Pie Company we were able to provide attendees at this seminar a “Free Slice of Pie” voucher and in exchange they all agreed to pose for the lovely photo you see above.  This evening provided another great conversation and a big step in our journey to protect our children.  Thank you again to Traverse City Michigan WORKS! for hosting and to all those who attended.

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