Community Prevention Seminar: Benzie County 12-03-14


December 4, 2014- Last night’s Community Prevention Seminar in Benzie County was very important to me.  As a native and current resident of Benzie County, I was very much looking forward to sharing this information with my home community and was looking forward to their support.  The Darcy Library of Beulah was kind enough to host this seminar and had a staff member volunteer to keep the library open for the evening so that we could have this important discussion.

Several Benzie County community members were in attendance (including some of my own family members!) and were very happy that the TBCAC had chosen to host a seminar in their own community.  As one of the more rural and outer-lying counties in the region, Benzie does not always have the same opportunities to receive the education and outreach that is available within Grand Traverse.

Many attendees stayed after to have conversations with me and to make suggestions about other groups within the Benzie County community that may benefit from a seminar like this.  I was very inspired by the conversation and enthusiasm of this particular group and it was great to feel that our efforts are being supported by many from my home community.  Our journey continues and we look forward to meeting all those willing to join the movement to protect our children!

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