You’re pretty special. Just saying.

Andy Schmitt 2

There’s no TECHY on staff at TBCAC.

We are a flock of empathic, sensitive, diligent individuals committed to protecting children and promoting their wellbeing. We are strategic-thinkers and do-gooders who aim to change the world.

We don’t know much about building databases. We don’t know much about hooking up audio visual stuff. We understand that WiFi exists, but we have no idea how.



And yet, we utilize sophisticated technology every day in the investigation of child abuse cases.

We just turn on a switch. Thanks to Andy Schmitt.

Andy is a well-respected IT Guru in the Grand Traverse Region. He is also a TBCAC volunteer who donates his time and talent to hear our concerns, ask thoughtful questions, and create brilliant solutions so that our technology runs efficiently and effectively. For the benefit of the children.

You’re pretty special, Andy.  Just saying.



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