Community Outcomes

Light GirlThe vision of the TBCAC is to create communities where children are safe from abuse. Communities with CACs experience more immediate follow-up to child abuse reports; more efficient medical and mental health referrals; reduction in the number of child interviews; increased successful prosecutions; and consistent support for child victims and their families.

The TBCAC intervenes at the level of individual children and families, but it also helps the community as a whole. The TBCAC provides a number of adjunct services including training to other professionals, consultation to other agencies and departments, and community education on child maltreatment. In addition, the TBCAC aims to prevent child abuse through increasing community awareness and providing adults with the knowledge and skills required to keep children safe.

The TBCAC is regarded as community leader and expert in the area of child abuse. Experience in bringing professionals together, attention to training, ties to the private and public sectors, and lack of entrenchment in bureaucracy all position the TBCAC to help lead the child abuse professional field. The spectrum of response provided by the TBCAC compliments the region’s Grand Vision to create vibrant and healthy communities.

Professionals involved in multidisciplinary work report greater appreciation and understanding of the missions of other disciplines with better access to cross-disciplinary training and more informed decision making. This comprehensive approach, with follow-up services provided by the CAC, ensures that children receive child-focused services in a child friendly environment – one in which the needs of children and families come first.

Everyone Benefits

There is a direct link between abuse in childhood and later problems for the whole community. The ACE Study findings suggest that traumatic experiences in childhood are major risk factors for the leading causes of illness and death as well as poor quality of life in the United States. Progress in preventing, intervening and recovering from the nation’s worst health and social problems will improve as these childhood experiences are eradicated. The effects of child abuse are not limited to the survivor. The entire community benefits from creating a safe place for children and families to recover from the trauma of abuse.

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