The Board of Directors provides governance and accountability, establishes direction and ensures that financial resources are secured for the operations of the TBCAC.  Terms of office for Board of Director seats is three years, limited to three consecutive terms.  Officers of the Board are elected by the Board to serve in their respective positions for two years.  No officers may serve in the same position for more than six consecutive years.

Board of Directors ♥ FY 2016/17

  1. Betsy Evans, Board Chair
  2. Jayne Mohr, Vice Chair
  3. Larry Stewart, Secretary
  4. Janna Stone, Treasurer
  5. Sue Bolde, Executive Director
  6. James Bussell
  7. Matthew Feil
  8. Mary Gillett
  9. Annelle Kaspor
  10. Vernon LaLone
  11. Dawn McLaughlin
  12. Noelle Moeggenberg
  13. Lance Morgan
  14. Holly Streit
  15. Pat Warner


The TBCAC Board utilizes a committee structure to accomplish tasks that support its mission. Current standing committees include the following:

Executive Committee:  This committee is comprised of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Director. The Executive Committee has the power to conduct business as directed by the Board. The Executive Committee has authority for Board decisions that must be made between meetings of the Board. The Executive Committee has authority to recommend the removal of a Board member who is determined to have not complied with the duties of a Board member. The Executive Committee reports to the Board.

  • Members: Betsy Evans (Chair), Jayne Mohr, Larry Stewart, Janna Stone, Sue Bolde
  • Standing Meeting Time: Second Monday of the month at Noon-1pm

Nominating Committee:  This committee consists of a minimum of three members of the Board of Directors and makes recommendations to the Board for the nomination of individuals to fill Board vacancies. The Nominating Committee members identify prospective board members who can strengthen and enhance the TBCAC Board of Directors in keeping with policies that the TBCAC may establish regarding such matters as the desired diversity, skills, expertise and other qualities involving potential board members, seeking input and representation from all subcultures within the service area.

  • Members: Jayne Mohr (Chair), Janna Stone, Larry Stewart, Sue Bolde
  • Standing Meeting Time: TBD

Fund Development Committee: This committee consists of a minimum of three members of the Board of Directors. The duties of this committee are to plan, develop and raise funds so that the TBCAC can attain its strategic direction as established in its strategic plan. At its option, the Fund Development Committee may choose to establish an advisory or sub-committee consisting of non-Board members to assist the committee in accomplishing its duties.

  • Members: Mary Gillett (Chair), Alison Arnold, Kathleen Kasdorf, Jayne Mohr, Karen Simpson, Carmen Stevens, Hannah Rodriguez, Sarah Wyckoff,
  • Standing Meeting Time: TBD

Finance Committee: This committee consists of the Executive Director, Treasurer and one other Board member whose purpose shall be to review and plan financial operations of the TBCAC and report to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors on the status of funding compared with the annual TBCAC budget.

  • Members: Janna Stone (Chair), Mary Gillett, Vernon LaLone, Sue Bolde
  • Standing Meeting Time: TBD

Prevention Council Council:  The Local Council has as its primary purpose the development and facilitation of a collaborative community prevention program in a specific geographical area. The Prevention Council receives funding from the Michigan Children’s Trust Fund.

  • Members:  Pat Warner (Chair), Annelle Kaspor, Dawn McLaughlin, Hannah Rodriguez, Amanda Steele, Kim Stevens, Joyce McClellan, Laurie LaCross, Carrie Douglass
  • Standing Meeting Time: TBD

Facility Committee:  This committee consists of a minimum of three members of the Board of Directors. The duties of this committee are to manage the property at 2000 Chartwell Drive, including: maintaining 100% occupancy of rental apartments; screening prospective tenants and completing background checks; executing lease agreements, renewals, terminations and tenant evictions; supplying all required documents and disclosures; handling collection/return of security deposits, keys and cleaning fees; responding to utility, maintenance and inspection requests/issues; attending bi-annual meetings of the Partners of Chartwell Village.

  • Members: Holly Streit (Chair), Jim Bussell, Cal Karr, Adam Miller, Jayne Mohr
  • Standing Meeting Time: TBD

Common Agenda Committee:  This committee shall draft a set of goals, objectives, and metrics to formulate a “Common Agenda” that incorporates tactics of the current strategic plan. The Common Agenda will be presented to the Board of Directors for discussion and approval.

  • Members:  Betsy Evans (Chair), Annelle Kaspor, Larry Stewart, Jayne Mohr, Dawn McLaughlin, Sue Bolde
  • Standing Meeting Time: TBD

Government Relations Committee:  This committee shall work proactively to represent, promote and advocate the interests of the TBCAC to local and state elected and appointed officials. This committee shall also participate in MINCA’s Legislative Day in Lansing each year.

  • Members:  Matthew Feil (Chair), Larry Stewart, Holly Streit, Marilyn Vlach, Anne Morrison Perry, Tim Ervin, Sue Bolde
  • Standing Meeting Time: TBD

Evaluation Committee:  This committee shall review and recommend processes and procedures for annual assessment of the Executive Director and Board of Directors.

  • Members:  Jayne Mohr (Chair), Noelle Moeggenberg, Betsy Evans, Sue Bolde
  • Standing Meeting Time: TBD

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