Our Results

Healing Children & the Community

Healing from trauma is possible. Children and families become resilient through professional intervention and the comprehensive services provided by the Center.

National statistics teach us that communities with CACs experience more immediate follow-up to child abuse reports, more efficient medical and mental health referrals, reduction in the number of child interviews, increased successful prosecutions, and consistent support for child victims and their families.

Since opening its doors in 2010, the number of children referred to the TBCAC to report abuse has steadily increased. Most of the reports are regarding sexual abuse and 99% of the time the child knows the abuser.

The Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center aims to prevent child abuse through increasing community awareness and providing adults with the knowledge and skills required to keep children safe. Over 7,500 individuals have engaged in prevention education through TBCAC’s Team Zero.

Everyone Benefits

There is a direct link between abuse in childhood and later problems for the whole community. The ACE study was groundbreaking in uncovering the root causes of many adult problems.

The findings suggest that traumatic experiences in childhood are major risk factors for the leading causes of obesity, substance abuse, and even early death. Progress in preventing, intervening and recovering from the nation’s worst health and social problems will improve as these childhood experiences are eradicated. The effects of child abuse are not limited to the survivor. The entire community benefits from creating a safe place for children and families to recover from the trauma of abuse.