4th Annual Seattle Conference

Every year, we address several aspects of the Bioeconomy, including biofuel, biotechnology, and green chemistry. The impact of biofuels on greenhouse gases is subject to debate.

What is the Traverse Bay Children's Advocacy Center?

The Traverse Bay Children's Advocacy Center is dedicated to the identification, treatment, awareness and prevention of the sexual and physical abuse of children. Our mission is to protect children by providing prevention and multi-disciplinary intervention in investigation, assessment and treatment of child sexual and physical abuse in an environment that is child-sensitive, supportive and safe.

Meet Our Sidekick Staff

Six full-time staff members provide intervention and prevention services to children, families, and the community. All services are provided free-of-charge for as long as they are needed.

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Let's End Child Abuse

We can end child sexual abuse if we learn the facts, minimize opportunity, talk about it, recognize the signs and react responsibly. The TBCAC utilizes the Darkness to Light: Stewards of Children curriculum to educate adults about how to protect children. Through generous grant support from the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation, these training seminars are available to the public free-of-charge.

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